Jordan Ayers is the President & CEO of Quest Leasing, LLC an intermodal equipment leasing and strategic consulting firm. Previously, Ayers was the President & COO at Milestone Equipment Leasing, LLC, the largest intermodal and second largest trailer lessor in the United States. Before Milestone, he was the President & CEO of Quest Capital Group, LLC, an intermodal equipment sourcing, leasing, financing and consulting services firm for domestic and international equipment.

Prior to Quest Capital, he was Vice President, Chassis at TAL International (NYSE – TAL), where he launched their chassis leasing product line. Before joining TAL, Mr. Ayers served as President, XTRA Intermodal and Vice President, XTRA Corporation (NYSE – XTR). During his tenure, XTRA was sold to Berkshire Hathaway (NYSE – BRK) and operated as a subsidiary. Also, his past experience includes nine years at Transamerica Leasing (NYSE – TA) managing the U.S. Central Area, Mexico, and Central America business unit.


Ayers was also a director and Vice Chair of the Intermodal Association of North America (IANA), which represents the interests of all parties involved with intermodal transportation throughout North America. As a previous board member during 2004 -2007 he was a member of the finance, FMCSA Roadability, and technology committees.


Quest Leasing, LLC provides flexible and cost-effective intermodal equipment and consulting solutions to its customers, including full-service one-way daily rentals and long-term net leases. Lease structures include revenue-share and utilization-based models. Quest also acquires intermodal fleets for their diverse portfolio. Management and leasing for institutional and private investors such as partnerships, finance and leasing companies is also a core competency. Intermodal consulting services include complete lease administration, debt and equity finance services, operating and maintaining equipment in daily rental service to monetize off lease equipment, and administration of equipment portfolio returns.