Intermodal Equipment & Consulting Services

Asset Management

Quest manages a diverse portfolio of rail, marine, and intermodal equipment for financial institutions, leasing companies and private investors. Quest’s asset management services will include inspections, certified appraisals, equipment sales, rentals and leases, and lease negotiation.


Portfolio and Equipment Acquisition

Quest acquires existing portfolios of intermodal marine equipment from $1Million to $50 Million in size. This includes currently leased, end of lease or idle equipment.

Lessor & Lessee Solutions

Quest advises lessees in the negotiations of leases and lease terminations and facilitates transactions with investors and leasing companies. Lessors are advised on the sale or purchase of new and used equipment, and portfolio transactions.



Appraisal Services

Quest provides fleet appraisal services for financial institutions, lessors, lessee’s and investment program sponsors on a nationwide basis. Reports are available for many purposes; current values, residual values, asset acquisitions or general accounting purposes.


Quest Leasing, LLC provides flexible and cost-effective intermodal equipment and consulting solutions to its customers, including full-service one-way daily rentals and long-term net leases. Lease structures include revenue-share and utilization-based models. Quest also acquires intermodal fleets for their diverse portfolio. Management and leasing for institutional and private investors such as partnerships, finance and leasing companies is also a core competency. Intermodal consulting services include complete lease administration, debt and equity finance services, operating and maintaining equipment in daily rental service to monetize off lease equipment, and administration of equipment portfolio returns.